Snake Farm

Snake Farm & Mekong River 
(One Day tour)

Tour guide will meet you at a location; begin travel to Dong Tam snake farm in My Tho City, Tieng Giang Province.  You will have  an opportunity to explore the snake’s farm and snake bite treatment center for the delta Region.  The center has the largest collection of reptiles from smallest to the largest poisonous and none poisonous snakes.  Home to various kinds of snakes like constrict boa, rattle snake, king cobra, pip viper, python, alligator, and many more are native to the Southeast Asia. The specialist at the Center is very highly skill in extracting the venom for medicine in medical use for treatment.  Variety of reptile is for many use like skins exported  and meat are supplies to restaurants.

Next you board automobile 15 minute trip to My Tho city central continue tour Vinh Trang pagoda was being built in 1849 colorful porcelain mosaics featuring Buddhist folktales and natural scenery 178 pillars. The facade of Vinh Trang Pagoda contains both Asian and European architecture including elements from the Renaissance period, Romanesque style, French decorative flowers and Japanese enameled tile. From afar, the pagoda resembles the five-tower Angkor Temple. Which gets a unique architecture combining between occident and orient architecture? There are ancient statues like amitabhas, shakyamunis, aghast, bodhisattvas with the Vietnamese-traditional-sculptural architecture.

 Continue Mekong river tour; you will enjoy a 25 minute boat cruise sightseeing for a closer look at first hand.  Take you to Xep canal to visit a bee farm and, while there, you can sample the tea & honey.  While enjoying these delicacies you will be able to watch the local people crafting a variety of products out of the coconut tree and coconut shell, producing in traditional handicrafts.

Next you will take horse-cart ride along the country roads through the village. You can experience the villager’s daily lives and will stop at locations to sample seasonal tropical fruits and listen to traditional southern country music, local to the Delta.

After short visit, you will board a small rowing boat for 15 minute floating down the river which will bring you to the motor boat via a signature small Mekong canal covered by water coconut palm.

The motor boat will then transport you to a coconut candy factory where you can see how the candy is produced and have a chance to taste them hot right out of the oven. 

From there, a 10 minute boat ride brings you to Phoenix Island where you will enjoy a fresh southern Mekong Delta cooking lunch meal. During and after lunch meal you can visit the coconut Monk

Temple, you can try walking on the monkey bridge, fishing, go biking in the village, observing many  alligator in the pond or just relax on hammock under mango shade in the park.

After lunch meal you will board the motorboat cruising back to Tan Thach pier, Bao duyen tourist transportation will bring you back to your stop end tour.

PACKAGE TOUR: $125  for 2 /  $30 per additional person.

 -   Transportation          -   Entrance tickets.  -   Travel insurance       -   paddle boat
 -   Motor boat cruise     -   Seasonal fruit       -   Tea & honey             -   Lunch meal


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