Mekong and Phu Quoc


(5 day and 4 night tour) 

*First day:
Bao Duyen tour guide will meet you at a location. From there, you travel to TAN THACH pier where a motor boat wait for you to TIEN RIVER tour. The MEKONG DELTA boasts one of the most impressive and complex river networks in the world. River Channels and canals cross the entire Delta region. The plentiful rain and fresh water make the Delta an extremely important agricultural center for Vietnam and the world. The wetland of the Delta are suitable for not only growing rice and many other types of exotic fruits but also supporting fish farms growing species such as the BASA FISH  exported around the world. On your tour you will visit the area of 4 ISLANDS in the heart of the Delta: DRAGON, UNICORN, PHOENIX, and TURTLE. You can learn and understand more of the fascinating culture and peaceful lifestyle of the friendly people by the Mekong River. 
     First stop, you visit a bee farm in DRAGON ISLAND . You will learn many things about bee, sample tea & honey at the beehive.  Villager will teach you what the worker bee and queen bee do, also and you will learn about royal jelly reproductive process, storage honey, construction of it colony from bee wax forming honeycomb.  At the same place, you will enjoy beautiful orchid garden, the heaven for photographer who love colorful flower.
 -  Continue tour, the boat will bring you to QUE DUA coconut candy factory where you will see how the candy is being made, have a chance to taste it hot right out of the oven.
You can get many gifts and souvenirs handicraft products made from coconut tree to take home for friend and family.  
- Next, you will board horse wagon riding along the country roads through the village. You can experience the villager’s daily lives and stop at a location to sample seasonal fruits and   listen to traditional southern country music.
-  After a short rest and visit, you will board a small paddle boat for 15 minute floating down the river which returns you to the motor boat via a signature small Mekong canal covered by water coconut palm. After finishing the rowing boat, you will take a short motor boat ride to TURTLE ISLAND for enjoying fresh southern Mekong delta home cooking lunch meal.
 - From there, a 10 minute boat ride brings you to PHOENIX ISLAND where you can visit the coconut Monk Temple,  try to walking on the monkey bridge, fishing, go biking in the village, observing many  alligators in the pond or just relaxing on hammock under mango shade in the park.

- After lunch, you will go to the next tour destination: CAN THO CITY and CAI RANG floating market

- You arrive at CAN THO at 5 p.m. After checking in the hotel and having little rest.
, you will go on evening river boat cruise and dinner floating slowly along the famous NINH KIEU QUAYand sightseeing CAN THO city night life.
*Second day tour the CAI RANG floating market
 - In the early morning, you board the motor boat from NINH KIEU pier  to CAI RANG floating market. Along the way, you can watch and understand the way of life of the boat people. Many boats different in sizes come together at one location for many many years in history forming a city on the water market place. To buy, to sale, and to trade goods on the river are common activities here. What they have for the market is what you will see hanging on the pole from their boat, so everyone can see from a distance away.
-You continually travel to visit tourist area of MY KHANH. Here, you will learn more than 20 different types of tropical fruits in this southern region. You visit traditional old house with different type of southern ASIAN ARCHITECTURE  and stop by alligator farm with more than one thousand in captivity. Visiting FUN & GAME areas like pig race, dog race, monkey cirque, and much more is very exiting. There are many local activities you can get involved for fun, too. Then,  you will enjoy lunch meal at MY KHANH village
-   You move on to next tour location arriving at CHAU DOC in the afternoon time. First, you visit Pagoda, a long history of very sacred   place to the people living there. The Pagoda was constructed more than 200 years ago and become one of the most visited places in the Upper Mekong Delta River.
- Afterwards, you head 284 meter high up into the SAM Mountain for 365 degree view of the beautiful rice field below, and the neighboring friend CAMBODIA.
-Next you will visit CHAU DOC town market where diverse Khmer and Vietnamese communities co-exist to form an impressive and unique culture.  You will enjoy dinner time in Chau Doc, and stroll through the evening market.
*Third day tour HA TIEN                                        
- In a tour at Ha Tien, you first visit the amazing cave Pagoda and enjoy traditional lunch meal on the horizon look out at the Gulf of THAILAND.
- Next, you visit the unbelievable standing rock and visit the Temple PHUNG DUNG MAC CUU. The MACfamily has built their famous name through their work in the community over many centuries. Today, the name is still a sign of respect.
- At the end of the day watch the sunset and enjoy dinner.

*Fourth day  tour PHU QUOC  ISLAND
-  After morning breakfast, you board the high class EXPRESS BOAT departing at 7:45 a.m. arriving time at Phu Quoc is 9:15 a.m.
First, you visit a fishing community HAM NINH which got its name from well known sea food business HUYNH NHU. You can watch and learn how sea food is prepared for shipping out to market around the country and exporting.

- Afterwards continue the tour visiting the largest town, which is DUONG DONG. The liquor factory, are well known for its best alcohol taste on the Island.

- Visit the most beautiful waterfall in the south east of the orient. Very relaxing and peaceful thick green forest surrounding the area make you fell like won’t want to leave.

- Continue the tour to DINH CAU town market center with a variety of gift shops and things to take home for friend or family.
 After breakfast, you continue the tour to the south part of the Island visiting the pearl farm in which a Japanese business has invested and performed studies to produce the best pearls in the world.
- Finally you will arrive at the south beach of the Island, best known for the beautiful white sand, crystal clear water and the surrounding mountain forest. You can choose to kick back and relax or enjoy fun by water sport activities like fishing, swimming, and water jet skiing, or simply just walking on the wonderful sandy beach and let the time go by.
 - Tour guide will take you to the airport. End tour.  

  • transportation.
  • Ticket, high class express speed boat to Phu Quoc.
  • Motor boat tour Tien River and Cai Rang float market.
  • Hotel 3 star.
  • Ticket for all tour destinations. 
  • Breakfast.
  • Lunch, and dinner 9 meals
  • Travel insurance cover for the tour trip.
  • English speaking tour guide.
  • Napkin 2, water bottle 2 for each day.    
  • Return transportation.

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