Cho Lach Fruits Paradies

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Cho Lach Fruits Paradises
( 6 hours tour)
- Tour guide will pick you up at BEN TRE  MARKET CENTTRAL. You are starting to travel on the national highway 60 across the HAM LUONG BRIDGE.  While traveling on the bridge, you will discover everywhere all around, and as far as the eyes can see are  coconut palm plantation. This is also center for the coconuts business in the Mekong delta region.  This is the land of coconut from the beautiful world of coconut.
- Continue on national highway 57  passing many villages,  on both sides of the highway, you will see that everyone is busy trying to make the best flowers and baby plants for the market. The daily life here mainly is in plant nursery. This area has always been the main supplies of the flowers; bonsai plants and baby fruit trees for the whole regional South. 
- First stop, you will visit Mr. NAM CONG BONSAI GARDEN. He has the best bonsai plant garden in the country, and has been the best winners for the bonsai plants from many national level contest. You can watch and learn how the plants are grown.  It needs a very best ARTISTIC SKILL HANDS and MINDS to do the work on the bonsai plants.

- Continue on tour to CHO LACH TOWN MARKET CENTER , you have a short stop to take a look at the local people' activities, selling and buying fruits at the center market where people from every corner of this region come together to exchange their daily goods. EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN will be here. 

- Next, you will continue to travel 10 minute short ride  across the CHO LACH BRIDGE  to a location where you board the motor boat cruising on the boat from a small canal out to the big AMAZING CO CHIEN RIVER - part of the MEKONG DELTA RIVER SYSTEM. You can see and learn about the daily activity happening right here. 

- After cruising on the boat, you arrive at the traditional Mekong Delta house where you will enjoy VIETNAMESE HOME COOKING LUNCH MEAL - the real Mekong Delta taste.

- Then, you will be brought back Ben Tre City, end tour. 

TOUR PRICE: $90 for 2 / $20 per additional person.
    River  Boat cruise, coconut juice, seasonal tropical fruit at the farm, lunch meal, tour guide.
   Transportation to Cho Lach.
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