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Why Choose Bao Duyen Eco tourism.,LTD

1  Bao DuyenTourist  specialize in local village tour,  and also do special personal private tour adapted to your needs, will work around your timeline schedule.
2  Bao DuyenTourist have experience local tour guides with exellent English speaking easy for you to understand on any subject of your question.
3   Bao DuyenTourist will help you maps out the rest of your trip and arrange your transportation coming and leaving Ben Tre.
4  Bao Duyen can help you get the high end luxury hotel, 5,4,3 star with discount, or many choice of local homesaty and in the region. 
5  If you’re booking directly to Bao Duyen office hot line you will automatically get 10 % off any of your tour.
   Please contact Bao Duyen office  for more information.

    Thanks for taking time checking out at BaoDuyenTourist.
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